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Aliv’s Abaco Temperature Check

When hurricane Dorian hit two years ago communication was back online in Abaco as Aliv’s reestablish service in a matter of hours.



MARSH HARBOUR, ABACO – When hurricane Dorian hit two years ago what little contact was available from Abaco was due to Aliv’s ability to reestablish service in a matter of hours.

Company executives visited the island today to see some of the progress made since 2019.

Jerome Sawyer reports.

Abaco is by far a distinctively different place today than two years ago.

While there are grim reminders of the catastrophe of Hurricane Dorian in 2019, you can’t escape the signs of the ongoing recovery.

Take the Firefly Resort in Hopetown, for example.

Left in ruins after Dorian it has reopened for business with restored structures and facilities.

Abaco is the latest stop for Aliv’s CEO John Gomez and company executives who have been lighting the five-year anniversary candles nationwide this month.

Abaco has now taken the number two spot in Aliv’s market share with 16,000 customers on the network.

Much of the uptake was attributed to the Dorian rebuild and demands of the COVID-19 era all but tripling the subscriber base.

Even Aliv’s new location opened back in April has been a major factor in the island’s recovery

And in a world where mobile data and internet connectivity determine the quality of life in a community that recovery effort is moving along well.