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Ambush in the Night: Attempted Assassination

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Spring 1976, Bob Marley announces the Smile Jamaica Concert. November 22, 1976, then Prime Minister Michael Manley calls a snap election.






NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Spring 1976, Bob Marley announces the Smile Jamaica Concert. 

November 22, 1976, then Prime Minister Michael Manley, leader of the PNP, calls a snap election. 

The election date was December 15, 1976, 10 days after the Smile Jamaica concert. 

Amid political turmoil for some, it appeared as though the Smile Jamaica concert was a political rally. 

The night of December 3, 1976, Bob Marley’s home located at 56 Hope Road was riddled with bullets as gunmen attempted to assassinate the reggae superstar.

 Bob Marley, wife Rita Marley, manager Don Taylor and band member Louis Griffiths were all shot. Fortunately, they all survived. 

Despite the failed assassination attempt, Bob continued with the concert because he said he loved his people. 

Shortly after he left Jamaica, reports indicate he spent a month in The Bahamas before leaving for London. 

He visited Nassau frequently, recording with the founder of Island Records Chris Blackwell at this studio, formerly Compass Point Studios. 

While in Nassau, Bob and Rita fell in love with a former governor’s mansion. 

Following Bob’s death in 1981, Rita Marley purchased the lush oceanfront property in 1982. Rita Marley and the children spent holidays and summers there. 

In 2004 the home was renovated into the Marley resort. The only Marley Resort in the world. 

To this day the bold colors that illuminate West Bay Street stand as a reflection of the love the Marleys had for The Bahamas and the mark Bob Marley left on the country. 

Recognized as the world’s first reggae superstar the icon Bob Marley is widely recognized as a symbol of freedom as his lyrics and his ideology are revolutionary.