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Bahamians Soar in Dubai

Bahamians living and working in Dubai are soaring to new heights, following their dreams and representing the country.



The events of the past few days in Dubai have put a spotlight on that region like never before. One of the interesting things is the amount of Bahamians living there, and the roles they play.


It’s not the kind of experience they could have imagined. 

These Bahamians who live in Dubai – rushed in The Bahamas National Day Junkanoo parade. 

For many others who lived there, it was just as exhilarating to watch it. 

So what else do they have in common?

All four of these Bahamians are pilots.  The guys all fly with emirates – one of the largest and most luxurious airlines in the world.

Felton Beneby has 4 years on the job in Dubai. 

Kemier Lamb has no regrets for applying for the job, on the advice of a cousin already here. 

For Taneco Darling it’s a chance to represent country. 

Lourie Johnson has the distinction of being the first female Bahamian with fly Dubai airlines, a role she says that’s treated with great respect. 

Beneby is returning home soon.  He’s hoping the examples here can translate into better lives for his fellow Bahamians.