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Bahamians Warned Against Human Smuggling



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Royal Bahamas Defense Force is moving to crack down on the smuggling of migrants to and through The Bahamas. This as the RBDF recently installed a new maritime surveillance system to help protect the country’s borders.

Berthony Mcdermott reports.

This October, the keep Grand Bahama clean committee is celebrating its anniversary with a series of information initiatives, encouraging residents to become environmental stewards.  

Indiscriminate dumping has become a major problem for the island and Nikera wilcombe says they’re ready to prosecute people to the fullest extent of the law  

Old water heaters, refrigerators and toilets were thrown about through the tract road.  

Lusco and Grand Bahama Development Company Rep Christine Van Der Linde says it’s not always residents doing the dumping.  

Suggesting that those who hire people to get rid of their waste should demand a receipt from the dump.  

Wilchcombe says Grand Bahama has a sophisticated landfill thats more than able to handle large waste items.  

She’s encouraging people who witness dumping to call the tip hotline.