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Darville: Government Doing All it Can Amid Surge

Amid a rising number of hospitalizations and COVID cases daily, Health Minister Dr. Michael Darville says government is doing all it can.



Amid an increasing number of hospitalizations and confirmed COVID cases daily, Health Minister Dr. Michael Darville says the government is doing all it can.


He tells reporters, while the government has its role to play, Bahamians must also do their part.

With 50 Covid-positive people in Princess Margaret Hospital alone, the past week has seen a drastic increase in hospitalizations. During the Christmas holiday weekend it was in the teens. 

And now with hundreds of cases being confirmed daily, Darville said the situation is challenging. Darville said after a number of large gatherings over the holiday weekend, numbers are much higher creating this concern for health officials.

Between Thursday and Sunday, 1,535 cases were confirmed, according to Darville, the free testing pilot program for New Providence began Tuesday morning at vaccination sites. In addition, government has begun giving out free masks. 

But with over 100 healthcare workers on New Providence in isolation or quarantine and over 30 on Grand Bahama, there is also a manpower concern in the public healthcare system. Darville said an additional 50 nurses are being brought in to the country, in addition to physicians being brought on.

But while government does its part, the health minister says the Bahamian public must understand its role.