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Dog Attack Survivor Speaks Out

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Dog attack survivor Alicia Barton spoke her thoughts on the alleged dog attack which claimed the life of 61-year-old Anthony Gary Swann.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Many residents have voiced concerns over the alleged dog attack which claimed the life of 61-year-old Anthony Gary Swann last month. But, no one may really understand what it’s like better than dog attack survivor Alicia Barton. She spoke exclusively with our Marlena Leonard on her case and her thoughts on Swann’s death. 

In the early hours of Saturday, August 27th, the body of 61-year old Anthony Gary Swann was found in southeastern Nassau, and what shocked many was Swann was allegedly mauled to death by dogs.

This has launched renewed pressure for responsible dog ownership, and a push for consequences for those who fail to keep their dogs properly.

But, there’s someone who feels this action is long overdue. In February of this year, Alicia Barton was coming home from work when she was nearly mauled to death by a neighbors’ dogs. She still manages her post-traumatic stress on a daily basis. Barton is deeply frustrated at the lack of action since her attack in February and the recent deadly attack last month.

We asked her what it has been like trying to get updates on her case. And, the difficulty in getting updates from officials is a similar issue surrounding Swann’s death. 

Our News has made efforts to reach out to the Animal Control Unit multiple times in the past week, and have been unable to get updates on the fate of dogs taken away from the scene of Swann’s alleged attack.

We’ll have part two of our interview with Alicia Barton once more, when we talk about the future of animal control in The Bahamas, and what you can do to protect yourself and your community.