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Dorian Survivor Shares Hurricane Experience

ABACO, BAHAMAS – Bishop Samuel Cornish was filled with emotions as he relived the moment his family journeyed for two miles to find shelter.





ABACO, BAHAMAS – Abaco’s Bishop Samuel Cornish could not hold back his emotions as he relived the moment his family had to leave their home and journeyed for two miles to find shelter.

“Frightening,” is how Bishop Samuel Cornish describes riding out hurricane Dorian in his Abaco residence, adding that it’s something he hopes to never relive.

Bishop Cornish says his family sat at home as Dorian headed for Abaco.

Shortly after that, the Bishop says he heard when the first part of his roof blew off. The water came rushing in as the doors started to rock, prompting him to search for something to bar the door, but as he explains, he was a minute too late.

The Bishop recalls loosing phone service and being unable to make contact with other family members. The last message he sent was a text to family saying, “The roof is going.”

The Abaco native says his wife and son sought shelter in a closet, but then something unusual happened.

During the eye of the storm, the Change Ministries International Senior Pastor says they went out to look for shelter, however, his wife couldn’t swim.

When they got to the road, Cornish says a man came out of the bushes and took them in and then it was deja vu as the same thing that happened to his house, happened again.

They would all be stuck there for five days before family members came to their rescue.