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DPM: They’re “Practically Out Of Business”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Tourism Minister Chester Cooper predicts visitor numbers won’t be significantly impacted by the arrest of two Crystal Cruises ships.






NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Tourism Minister Chester Cooper predicts the country’s visitor numbers won’t be significantly impacted by the arrests of two Crystal Cruises ships. He asserted “They’re practically out of business”.

Two cabinet ministers sounding off on a cruise ship that was recently arrested in Bahamian waters by United States Federal Officials.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Chester Cooper said very little but noted the cruise line has been a very good home porting partner to the government.

“The numbers that they brought were relatively low in comparison to the five million pre-pandemic cruise visitors that we received. We don’t expect a significant impact in the number of visitors as a result of their departure. However, we want them to do well,” said Cooper.

He adds, “They’re having some financial issues, clearly, at their parent level. They’re practically out of business, and it’s a commercial matter between them and the people they owe. We wish them well for the future.”

Minister of Transport and Aviation Jobeth Coleby Davis giving reporters insight on Crystal Cruise Lines, which had two of its ships – Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity – seized on Friday.

There were only crew members onboard and they were allowed to disembark. Coleby Davis said the matter requires “a delicate balance.”

“The owners of the ship had a warrant that was issued in the United States. They came into our jurisdiction because they are registered as a flag ship under Bahamas Maritime Authority. As a result, they have the right to come here. It’s a delicate balance that has to placed because they are one of our registered ships. All of their certifications are still in good standing, their insurance remains in good standing and so we have to balance BMA’s relationship with our ships as well as warrants that are placed on assets.”