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East Grand Bahama Coming Back

East Grand Bahama is making a tourism comeback, with optimism for the future, even as some communities recover from hurricane Dorian.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The winter months are expected to yield some good tourism arrivals.

Even in small communities still in hurricane Dorian recovery mode. There’s a lot of optimism for the next few months.

Jerome Sawyer takes a look at one small community in Grand Bahama.

For more than 38 years Ruben Roberts has run Bishops in High Rock, East Grand Bahama.

For the first time since hurricane Dorian flattened the business customers are finally starting to come back.

On the day Our News stopped by two groups of tourists came to enjoy the beach, the bar, and the restaurant.

The past two years have been hard on this and surrounding communities.

Monster storm Dorian all but flattened this and neighbouring communities.

The COVID crisis not only slowed the rebuild but strangled what little business they have had.

That is until recently.

It will take the return of a lot more former residents to revitalize the community and economy supported by a fully restored air and seaport.

While these hurricane and COVID battered residents wait they say there is really only one solution for now.