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Fishing Hole Causeway Still Not Assessed

GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – The Fishing Hole Road Causeway has not yet been assessed by the Ministry of Works according to Deputy Director at the GBPA, Troy McIntosh.






GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – It appears as if the Fishing Hole Road Causeway has not yet been assessed by the Ministry of Works.

Deputy Director and City Manager at the Grand Bahama Port Authority Troy McIntosh is giving an update on the causeway as well as lighting issues which he says the GBPA is aggressively working to repair.

McIntosh says all parties agreed that issues relating to the Fishing Hole Causeway would be rectified in two months, so that the causeway can reopen.

He confirmed that as of early this week, the Ministry of Works has not yet assessed the causeway.

You may remember earlier this month the only road that connects Freeport to West, Grand Bahama was closed to the public following several accidents that many motorist say happened as a result of their vehicles sliding.

Since then, the former road was opened to the public.

Now there’ve been reports that the causeway is made out of concrete and oil from vehicles can possibly be the issue.

The city manager is once again urging motorists to drive with caution as the lights on the fishing hole road are still not working.

He says they have also gotten reports that some drivers are not courteous when using the four way stop.