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FNM: PM’s Address Was Old Comments Packaged Differently

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The FNM described the Prime Minister’s National Address as disappointing and says there is no real comprehensive plan.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement was quick to respond to the prime minister’s crime address. The FNM describing the address as disappointing and says there is no real comprehensive plan.

That bold response to the Prime Minister’s National Address on crime came from leader of the Free National Movement Michael Pintard.

Pintard expressing the party’s sympathy for the families affected by the country’s latest homicides but says the prime minister’s priorities are misguided.

In the prime minister’s address, he also spoke about intrusive policing as a result of the country high crime rate.

Pintard expressing his concern about that statement.

As it relates to the bail issue, Pintard agrees with the prime minister’s comments but says there is a factor that he can control.

The Office of the Prime Minister reacting to Pintard’s comments issuing a statement this afternoon saying Pintard and his party are looking for political gains rather than the national interest adding that the time for political games, is over.

Pintard shut down that claim calling the press release is dishonest.