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FNM To Sue Over Procurement, PM Says Bring It On

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – FNM to take legal action against the government over what they call its failure to follow the Public Procurement Act.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The opposition to take legal action against the Davis administration over the what they call the government’s failure to follow the Public Procurement Act. The prime minister is responding.

Prime Minister Philip Davis brushing off the Free National Movement’s threat to take his administration to court.

The PM had perviously described the Public Procurement Act, which was passed by the last FNM administration, as not workable.

The legislation among other things is crafted to provide transparency on how government ministries, departments, and other agencies enter contracts and expend public money. 

While he supported the legislation in opposition, the Davis administration committed to amending the legislation when coming to office. But, that didn’t happen.

Now, Free National Movement leader Michael Pintard, adamant that the Davis administration has consistently violated the law.

Pintard says they have tried several methods to get the information, including the Freedom of Information Act and the Public Accounts Act. But, they’ve gotten nowhere.

He says he believes this lawsuit will put pressure on the Davis administration.