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FNM: We Are Concerned

GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – There are lots of questions when it comes to what’s next for Haiti and how The Bahamas will be impacted.






GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – With calls for Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign, there are lots of questions when it comes to what’s next for that Caribbean nation and how The Bahamas will be impacted.

It’s been announced that the Royal Bahamas Defense Force has beefed up their efforts in the southern Bahamas to protect the country’s borders.

Leader of the Free National Movement Michael Pintard says that creating a blockade is key and now is not the time to send defense force officers to Haiti. 

He claims the government has not adequately addressed the overall issue.

With the continuation of violence and lack of leadership in Haiti, there’s been lots of concern that The Bahamas may see an influx of Haitian migrants.

Pintard is calling on government to correct the challenges at the Detention Center.

Pintard is also asking government to ensure that a health surveillance team is present.

He says it’s important for government to look at the legal restrictions around how long a person can be held in custody if being detained for reparation considering that it’s difficult to repatriate Haitian nationals to Haiti at this time due to suspended flights.

Pintard reveals the FNM has written formal letters to find out more information on the matter.

And adds the opposition is standing by, ready to assist.