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GB Residents React To New Airport Groundbreaking

GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – Grand Bahamians react to the Grand Bahama International Airport groundbreaking.





GRAND BAHAMA, BAHAMAS – One day after Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper revealed ground will be broken for a new Grand Bahama International Airport early next year, Grand Bahamians are reacting.

Grand Bahama resident Lisa Higgs, says she’s excited about the potential progress.

Her comments came after Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper offered a hopeful update for Grand Bahamians awaiting progress on the redevelopment of the airport.

Cooper says the plan is for the groundbreaking construction to begin in the first quarter of 2023.

Christine Major runs a restaurant in the Bazaar, she feels the progress is long overdue.

But, not everyone is so hopeful taxi driver Lloyd Miller tells us he has grown tired of promises and just wants to see action.

Meantime, Cooper has said the project is in its final due diligence stages.

But, he has still not revealed the name of the selected partner.

He says the first phase of construction should be completed by January 2025.