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Government Criticized Over NYE Double Standard

With New Year’s celebrations limited this weekend for Bahamians, some are calling out the government for a double standard.



With New Year’s celebrations limited this weekend for Bahamians, some are calling out the government for the double standard in allowing hotel properties to host large gatherings, while Bahamian event organizers had to cancel plans and issue refunds.


Those comments by Prime Minister Philip Davis drawing criticism as some Bahamians labelled the exemption of hotels from the prohibition on large gatherings as unfair. Davis himself admits that questions surrounding that decision are fair. Speaking at the Office of the Prime Minister’s weekly press briefing, he says government’s rules are meant to limit transmission risk, while allowing economic activity. 

While Davis acknowledges that the decision may be unfair, critics, especially those in the FNM, point to the PLP’s criticisms of the former government’s decisions. 

Former Torchbearers president Carlyle Bethell posted an old tweet from Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister Latrae Rahming. In that tweet from January 27th, 2021, Rahming wrote “It is so disingenuous what the FNM does. Brave Davis said it was unfair for the government to allow bars out Lyford Cay to open, but bars operating over the hill to be shut down. His position is there cannot be two separate rules.” 

In an interview with our news over the phone, opposition leader Michael Pintard accused the government of flip-flopping. 

“One of the things that I think has plagued administrations in the past and clearly the government finds itself in a similar position is adopting a position while in opposition and then getting into the chair and switching, or flip flopping. It’s okay to change your position if you have compelling evidence that justifies it but nothing I’ve heard from the government justifies them now behaving in a manner similar to what they have criticized in the past.” 

Meanwhile some residents offered mix reactions to the decision.