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Gov’t Conducts Initial Assessment After Storm

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Officials spend hours on Mayaguana to assess the destruction, although minimal, following Hurricane Fiona.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Officials spending hours on Mayaguana to assess the destruction following Hurricane Fiona. While the island sustained minimal damage, there is still work to be done.

When Our News arrived, seawater still covered the area where the dock once was. 

Family Island Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting stressing the importance of docks.

Sweeting also says the government is looking at ways to better connect the islands. 

This as the acting prime minister led a delegation to the southern island carrying boxes of supplies for the island. And, according to Cooper, more are on the way. 

The delegation also visiting the water plant on the island, noting that a backup generator is needed. 

The island lost power and water Tuesday evening but both were restored by 9 AM on Wednesday. 

Before the storm, 10 people were evacuated from that island to Exuma and returned to the island with the delegation. 

Residents telling us they enjoyed their time there.