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Hanging Out With Nishie L.S.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Nishie L.S. is a favourite of Bahamian music lovers. She outlines her experience from gospel to Rake ‘N’ Scrape in this Our News exclusive.






NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Nishie L.S., whose 2020 song “Loose Me” remains a favourite of Bahamian music lovers started singing gospel with Charles Drake and C.M.A. at 17 before joining Fred Ferguson and the Tingum Dem Band.

Since then, she has worked with Ira Storr and the spank band, Visage, and The Rhythm Band before striking out on her own.

“Loose Me,” Nishie’s first independent single, spoke to her lockdown woes.

Though she experienced a bit more freedom than the average citizen because of her role as an essential worker, she says it was a rough period.

She wrote the lyrics to a track she received from Rhythm Band guitarist Chad Young, and the rest is history.

The singer says good music should not be confined to a box. She plans to revisit her gospel roots and experiment with other genres.

“I’m much more than Rake ‘N;’ Scrape,” the artist clarifies.

Nishie says she has her fair share of difficulties balancing her roles as a mother, civil servant, and stage performer, but she is making it all work and shares this advice for aspiring artists.