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HG Christie Celebrates Top Performers of 2023

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – HG Christie’s top producers and performers of 2023 were celebrated during the company’s annual awards luncheon at Albany on January 19. 



L – R  John Constantakis, Charlotte Constantakis, Daren Seymour, John Christie, Cara Christie, Anya Mousis, Elbert Thompson, Dylan Christie, Dwayne Walls 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Recognizing the excellent work done by the company’s agents and brokers, HG Christie’s top producers and performers of 2023 were celebrated during the company’s annual awards luncheon at Albany on January 19. 

The event brought together some of the local real estate industry’s best and brightest, in an afternoon dedicated to the celebration of excellence within the country’s leading real estate agency. 

President and Managing Broker of HG Christie, John Christie said the group’s outstanding work and contributions help keep HG Christie as the leading Real Estate agency. 

L – R  Krystle Rodgers (Exuma), Ewa Mellor (Grand Bahama), Philip Hillier (Nassau, Overall), John Christie (President and Managing Broker), Cara Christie (Vice President), Anne Bethel (Eleuthera), Anya Mousis (Nassau, Overall), Dwayne Wallas (Abaco) 

“We are pleased to announce the Top Producers for 2023,” Christie said, as he introduced 2023’s awardees. “These agents are on top of their game and we congratulate them on their success. In addition to the Top Producer titles, we are introducing for the first time, our Circle of Excellence to highlight a group of HGC agents as a celebration of their outstanding contributions, unwavering dedication and exemplary performance through the past year.” 

“Established in 1922, HGC has been leading Real Estate in The Bahamas for over 100 years and I look forward to another great year in 2024.” 

HG Christie’s 2023 Overall Top Producers Philip Hillier and Anya Mousis

The Philip Hillier Team topped the list as Top Overall Producers for 2023, an achievement Hillier said came after hard work and determination to making luxury property ownership in The Bahamas a reality for potential buyers.   

“It feels great, it really does,” according to Hillier. “It’s hard work and it takes a lot of time and effort. The fact that we’ve been able to achieve this again for a fourth year in a row, I’m very grateful to everyone around me who have helped to get Anya and I to this point. Without her it wouldn’t be possible. We’re a dynamic team together. It’s really a lot of hard work, dedication and knowing the market. 

Ewa Mellor was awarded Most Exclusive Listings of 2023 and Top Producer for Grand Bahama, which she dedicated to her clients and hard work.  

Ewa Mellor – Most Exclusive Listings of 2023, Top Producer for Grand Bahama

“Each of the transactions is unique and important to me,” Mellor said. “The most important thing is to connect the seller and the buyer and ensure both parties are happy. It is very rewarding to see buyers find their perfect home and for the seller to sell the properties. For me, my success and satisfaction in my job is measured by the happiness of the clients.”

Realtor and Certified International Property Specialist Daren Seymour was awarded a spot in the Circle of Excellence, among seven others and called it a gratifying honor. 

Daren Seymour – Most Sold Listings

“As a member of the exclusive network community with over 4,000 real estate professionals across 50 countries, reserved for members of the National Association of REALTORS®, I navigate the global market with confidence,” Seymour said. 

“Since my licensed agent debut in 2017 with HGC, I’ve consistently been recognized for my commitment to purpose and success. For me, the real competition is with myself—I bring a unique edge to the industry by offering a one stop experience through team networking and service excellence. It’s gratifying to receive recognition for consistent diligence in a business that goes beyond what meets the eye. I find fulfillment in helping individuals achieve their dream of homeownership and supporting people from all walks of life in building equity through home and business investments. I thrive on creating these meaningful connections and contributing to life-changing moments for my clients.

Dylan Christie – Rookie of the Year

After facilitating a record-breaking sale in 2023, Dylan Christie took home Rookie of the year and was also awarded a spot in the Circle of Excellence. 

“I am incredibly grateful to receive this award and the opportunity to make a mark in this field,” according to Christie. “2023 was just the beginning and I am excited to get to work in 2024. My most memorable sale of 2023 was the recording break sale “La Ceiba” in Ocean Club Estates that sold with a last asking price of $37,500,000.”

The complete list of HG Christie’s top performers can be found below:

Top Producers

2023 – Top Producer – Abaco – Dwayne Wallas

2023 – Top Producer – Exuma – Krystle Rodgers 

2023 – Top Producer – Eleuthera – Anne Bethel

2023 – Top Producer – Grand Bahama – Ewa Mellor

2023 – Top Producer – Overall – The Hillier Team – Philip Hillier

2023 – Top Producer – Overall – The Hillier Team – Anya Mousis

2023 – Rookie of the Year – Dylan Christie 

2023 – Most Sold Listings – Daren Seymour

2023 – Most Exclusive Listings – Ewa Mellor 

2023 – Resort Marketing – Kristi Hull  

Circle of Excellence 

2023 – Circle of Excellence – Daren Seymour 

2023 – Circle of Excellence – Dwayne Wallas

2023 – Circle of Excellence – Elbert Thompson

2023 – Circle of Excellence – Dylan Christie 

2023 – Circle of Excellence – The Hillier Team – Philip Hillier 

2023 – Circle of Excellence – The Hillier Team – Anya Mousis 

2023 – Circle of Excellence – The Constantakis Team – John Constantakis 

2023 – Circle of Excellence – The Constantakis Team – Charlotte Constantakis