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“How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Temperatures are heating up throughout the islands, reaching up to 90 degrees or more causing residents to use their air conditioning often.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Temperatures are continuing to heat up throughout the islands as we dive deep into the summer months. Some temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees or more which has caused residents to use their air conditioning units more than usual. In light of this, I spoke with a Grand Bahama Air conditioner technician who is sharing how you can stay cool this summer and save. 

Air Conditioner Technician Didier Rolle says most times when people have issues with their air conditioning unit, they may think that their A/C needs gassing up but he says that’s not always the case as maintaining the unit and ensuring that the filters are clean, is key. 

Rolle says your unit should have a deep cleaning once a year and serviced once every quarter. 

The technician says there are energy-efficient air conditioning units with inverters that use less electricity and in his opinion. Mini-split units are more beneficial.

And his advice is to turn on your A/C more at night rather than in the day. 

But he says he knows it’s hot so you must use your unit.