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In-Person Services for Ash Wednesday Post-Covid

Millions of Christians around the world mark the start of Lent with Ash Wednesday, with local parishioners returning for in-person services.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Millions of Christians around the world marked the start of the Lenten season with Ash Wednesday.

Our Megan Shepherd reports.

The symbol worn on the forehead is just one observance to mark the beginning of Lent – the most solemn yet significant season on the liturgical calendar.

While many Christians have grown up observing Lent, sometimes without a second thought, Fr. Anselm Russell of Sacred Heart Catholic Church is reminding Christians of the true meaning of these 40 days

Lent is also a time of sacrifice. However, Fr. Bowe believes that this has become too traditionalized. Rather than focusing on the true intent, which is discipline, and to draw closer to God.