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Intro To Super-Yachting: Untapped Potential



Young people on the island having an opportunity to learn more about the super-yachting industry. A free pop up training session was held recently at the Bay Street Marina where industry professionals say this is an untapped market.

Terrell Lightbourne has been in the super-yacht industry for almost 2 decades. She believes that now is the time for more young people to seek opportunities in the industry, adding her goal is to eventually establish a school that will train young people.

Lightbourne adds that this training session is just the first of many to come. She says while traditional careers are fine, students can be exposed to more options. President of the Association of Bahamas Mariners, Peter Maury, says the yachting industry is very shore supportive and creates economic opportunities for all sectors.

Juliana Rolle is a marine engineer who is encouraging all youngsters to take a look at the industry. She says while she has had to overcome minor challenges, this is a passion for her.

Captain Kelly Gordon has been coming to The Bahamas for 5 years and says this is her home away from home. She says she is so grateful for the local support and she too is looking for more Bahamians to get involved.