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Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits Deepens Partnership with The Cancer Society of The Bahamas  

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – During the month of October, Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits (JWS) reprised its role as a critical supporter in the fight against cancer.



New Providence, Bahamas – During the month of October, Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits (JWS) reprised its role as a critical supporter in the fight against cancer, partnering with the Cancer Society of The Bahamas on a nationwide Drink Pink Campaign” that raised $3,500 to support the organization’s crucial initiatives.  

“This isn’t the first time Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits has partnered with the Cancer Society and it definitely won’t be the last,” explained  Senior Brand Manager Joel Smith. “Our partnership with them goes back quite a few years now and it’s really indicative of our commitment as a truly Bahamian brand to support initiatives that truly improve the lives of Bahamians,” he said. 

For nearly 50 years, the Cancer Society of The Bahamas has been a stalwart in the global fight to raise awareness on the prevention and treatment of the disease. Locally its advocacy and activism has provided invaluable resources for patients and their families. 

During the month of October, one dollar from the proceeds of every pink bottle sold in every Jimmy’s location across the country was set aside. Renowned brands, including Beefeater’s Pink Gin, La Crema Rose, and of course, the brewery’s truly Bahamian Radler, Sands Pink Grapefruit, were all included in the effort. 

Susan Warren said, “The donation of $3,500 is a testament to the generosity of Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits and its loyal customers.”  A check was presented to the Cancer Society of The Bahamas, on November 27, just in time for the start of the holiday season. The funds, officials say, have been earmarked to further the organization’s efforts, including providing housing assistance to family island residents undergoing treatment here in New Providence.

Cancer Society Administrator Errin Storr noted, “This donation will greatly impact the Cancer Caring Center where we have persons from the family islands that stay here free of charge while they’re undergoing treatment. With this donation it will really help a few families that stay here to rest comfortably in our nice, clean, and peaceful surroundings. We thank you so much for this; I know it will put a smile on a few families’ faces that stay here and recuperate from cancer. “

Sadly, the fight against cancer continues, but Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits Executive Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour says they will be there to assist. “Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits is more than a brand; we pride ourselves on also being able to align ourselves with causes that make a real impact as well. We believe in supporting organizations like the Cancer Society of The Bahamas to improve the quality of life for all Bahamians.”