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KBII Communications Continues to Motivate After 10 Years

A young entrepreneur is marking the tenth anniversary of her communications company, sharing words of wisdom with other young people.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Twenty-nine-year-old Katherine Beneby II has been making her voice heard loud and clear for a decade now, as her company KBII Communications is celebrating 10 years.

Megan Shepherd reports.

Beneby studied mass communications at The University of The Bahamas and is now a certified speaker, trainer, and coach. She says after 10 years in the business, her continued desire to be better keeps her motivated.

However, during her early years as a speaker, she says she faced challenges related to her age.

For other young people who may be struggling with how they make a difference or significant contribution to their field because of their age, she says it’s important to learn how to quiet those thoughts.

As residents continue to navigate day-to-day life and all of the challenges that come with it, Beneby shares words of motivation and encouragement.