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Laroda Weighs in on PMU Strike Vote

Minister responsible for the National Insurance Board Myles Laroda weighing in on a strike vote by NIB managers, saying it wasn’t unexpected.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Minister responsible for the National Insurance Board Myles Laroda is weighing in on that strike vote by managers at NIB. He tells reporters it wasn’t unexpected.

Berthony Mcdermott reports.

State Minister in the Office of The Prime Minister Myles Laroda says he’s not surprised by the strike vote filed by the managers at the National Insurance Board.

On Thursday, the Public Managers Union applied for a strike vote at the Department of Labour to be held on April 6th over stalled industrial agreement negotiations.

According to Union President, Freda Cartwright-Lewis negotiations had been underway for more than two years with the previous agreement expired in December 2019.

Laroda reiterated the government’s position which he said is to consider all involved.

Laroda said he’s hoping an agreement is reached soon.

He added that he hasn’t spoken to the union president in weeks and is hoping for a briefing from the NIB chairman soon.

Laroda was asked what he thinks the potential impact will be if employees withdraw their labour.