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Local Business Potential in South Florida

A Bahamian American serving on the Miami Gardens City Council is looking to create business opportunities.



MIAMI, FLORIDA – Neighboring Miami Gardens has always been a favorite to Bahamians whether settling in South Florida or visiting.

A Bahamian American serving on the City Council is looking to create some business opportunities.

Shannon Ighodaro is the first Bahamian American elected to the city of Miami City Council.

Miami Gardens is home to many Bahamians in the diaspora and a favorite of  Bahamian visitors who come annually in numbers.

The recent Jazz In The Gardens Music Festival welcomed thousands back to the highly coveted music festival.

A large contingent of Bahamians was a part of the audience – happy to be back after a two-year break due to COVID.

This meant that “East of Miami” – A fully Bahamian mobile eatery – presented a full menu of Bahamian seafood dishes to festival-goers last weekend.

Among the many festival revellers was Tourism Minister Chester Cooper. He shared his observations of the potential for an event like this.