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Local Club Inspires Inclusion And Empowers Women Through Golf

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Women’s Golf Day is an international celebration of women in the sport.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Did you know that Scotland was the birthplace of the sport of golf in 1457?More than 400 years later, history recorded that the first women’s golf club was established in 1867 in Scotland.

Throughout the decades women’s golf has grown. Countless clubs and associations were created to foster a network of women golfer’s whether professional or for fun.

Flamingos Women’s Golf club 242 founding chairwoman Agatha Mona Delancey says it’s no different in The Bahamas.

Women’s Golf Day will be celebrated on June 4th with live events taking place globally.

Locally, The Bahamas Women’s Golf Association and Flamingos Women’s Golf Club 242 are hosting the inaugural Women’s Golf Day international events which begins May 31st – June 1st at the Sports Center Golf Academy’s nine hole course.

Events include a mini clinic, tournament, and a reception.