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Man Allegedly Drowns on Morning of Baptism

A man is believed to have drowned on the morning of his baptism, more than a month ago. Now the 23-year-old’s family is speaking out.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A man is believed to have drowned on the morning of his baptism more than a month ago.

The 23-year-old’s family speaks to Jared Higgs about their missing loved one.

A grieving 63-year-old Elidis Jean doesn’t know for certain what happened to his son, but he and his family have an idea of what may have happened.

Back on Saturday March 12th, 23-year-old Junior Jean told his family, including his 22-year-old girlfriend Moneca Bocage to meet him near Goodman’s Bay at 8am sharp for his baptism but it was Junior who would never show up.

According to police, a group of women exercising saw Jean on the beach praying and worshiping at around 7am. But it’s what another eyewitness saw that concerned police, and Junior’s family.

Jared Higgs interviewed Jean’s relatives at go slow bend, near to where he was last seen in the water.

When the 23-year-old couldn’t be found, and with police searching for a man who reportedly drowned, the family connected the dots.

He was reported missing, and a flyer was released by police on March 18th. Police eventually recovered Jean’s car keys, phone, vehicle, and probably the most important book to him.

Jean’s relatives describe him as mannerly, strong, and intelligent.

His girlfriend says they often went to church together. His uncle Geromer Jean-Marie says he treated him well.

As seagulls squawk overhead, Jean’s family wonders what led him into the water that day. They say he wasn’t a strong swimmer, but he had recently learned how.

His baptism was meant to solidify his faith, but his disappearance has only tested the faith of his loved ones.