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Marijuana Co-Operative “Left In The Dark”



As the Davis administration develops legislation to legalize the cannabis industry, a local group is slamming the lack of consultation with its members. There are also concerns over foreign entities coming in to dominate the industry.

A local marijuana advocacy and co-operative claims it has not been consulted on proposed cannabis legislation which, according to attorney-general and minister of legal affairs ryan pinder, is to be presented to bahamians in a ‘compendium of legislation’ before the end of the first quarter

Vice Chairman of the Green Alternative Investment Network (GAIN), Rashied Farrington El, says under the Minnis administration, the co-operative was able to meet with several ministers to discuss the legalization of cannabis. However, there has been no word from any minister in the current administration.

Marijuana advocacy groups want a say in the formation of the cannabis legislation that is set to be reviewed in parliament rather than just seeing what the government has decided. Farrington fears that foreign entities could come in and monopolize the new industry.

Prophet Jah Mickey Bowe said there does not appear to be much of a difference between the current and previous administrations with regards to community engagement. He added the previous administration would ‘pretend to listen’.