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Marine’s Family Advised Not to Push for Video Release

Relatives of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Marine shot and killed by police have been advised not to push for the release of bodycam footage.



The family of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Marine shot and killed by police three days ago has been advised not to push for the release of the bodycam footage showing the incident, according to Commodore Raymond King.


He said after viewing the video himself, he doesn’t think it’s something the family would want in the public domain.

While expressing his personal grief at the matter, RBDF Commodore Raymond King says the bodycam footage of the killing of Leading Seaman Rodney Adderley is not something he thinks the family wants to be released to the public. The body cam footage from the incident has been viewed by the head of both the defence force and police force, as well as National Security minister Wayne Munroe.

King has said the footage is consistent with the police report that claims the marine charged at the officers and attempted to disarm one of them, prompting them to shoot him. He was asked if he would have handled the situation differently. “I wish not to make a determination or to place a judgement and to prejudice that matter.”

The use of deadly force by has been the subject of debate for years following several police-involved shootings. King said whenever officers use deadly force, it is a personal decision and there is a lot they must keep in mind.

Adderley was described as a decorated marine. His family spent most of Tuesday seeking to view the bodycam footage. A relative told Our News they want to see, if only for some clarity. Commodore King said in meeting with them, he explained that they’d be able to see it during the coroner’s inquest.

On Tuesday, National Security minister Wayne Munroe said the marine had some issues and that the force tried to help him numerous times. King said that kind of personal information being released was also a concerning issue the family raised when he met with them.