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“Mom, Dad, I Know What to Do!”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Kids at a summer camp today got a unique experience, using the survival skills they learned, in a mock experience that can save their lives.   





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Kids at a summer camp got a unique experience, putting the survival skills they learned to the test in a real-life simulated experience that can very well save their lives.   

It was a hands-on experience for kids participating in the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Fire Safety Summer Camp. 

Campers learnt the necessary skills in order to escape a burning building. 

An old building filled with imitation smoke was the setting for the children’s training. 

The first drill involved the kids escaping through a window. 

Next, the campers displayed what it would take to escape through the door. 

Then campers were treated to a full demonstration of what trucks would do to put out a blaze. 

Heavinqiue who’s been apart of the camp says she has learned alot. 

Sergeant Daniel Rahming says fire prevention and safety is something that is never too early for kids to learn.