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Parents Lament Virtual Learning Challenges

Parents are speaking out on some virtual learning challenges as education officials visited the Freetown community.



Parents are speaking out on some of the challenges their children face in accessing virtual lessons.


They were candid with education officials who visited the Freetown community, today, in an attempt to address gaps in online learning.

41-year-old Stacia Cartwright is unemployed and has to juggle daily life while helping her children with online learning. Days like today, she is stressed because the internet was disconnected. At this point, the mother is eager for schools to resume face-to-face learning.

These are the children minister of education Glenys Hanna-Martin wants to reach. She joined teachers and other staff of Uriah McPhee primary school for a community walkabout, today, to find out why many students aren’t participating in virtual lessons.

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept students out of the classroom for months, and in some cases, over a year. It doesn’t help that some of them have had challenges accessing the virtual learning platform. Back in October, Director of Education Marcellus Taylor revealed that only 70% of students were attending online classes.

43-year-old Michelle Adderley says her children have missed online classes and really need tablets. Today, she registered with the school to access new devices.

Following a tour of public schools across New Providence, Prime Minister Philip Davis said the government is aiming to reopen schools this month. In the meantime, Freetown Member of Parliament Wayne Munroe urged parents to do all they can to ensure their children attend online classes.