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Parliamentarians Row Over BPL Arrears

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Parliamentarians got into a back-and-forth over the issue of legacy debt at Bahamas Power and Light in the House of Assembly, Monday.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Days after the Free National Movement renewed the call for Works Minister Alfred Sears to resign over a Bahamas Power and Light legacy debt that was only revealed after the release of the fiscal strategy report, parliamentarians got into a back-and-forth over the issue.

A heated row breaking out on the floor of the House of Assembly after FNM Leader Michael Pintard charged that the fiscal strategy report revealed BPL’s $150 million debt.

The Opposition leader insists the government didn’t think it important enough to explain it to the public ahead of the release.

It prompted a response from the prime minister, who says the debt had nothing to do with the hedging program, rather, the legacy debt is money owed to bpl’s fuel supplier.

Following the release of the report, the FNM renewed calls for Sears to resign.

Sears, who has responsibility for BPL, did not speak during Monday’s back and forth.