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Pintard to PM: Get Off of the Rally Stage

Prime Minister Philip Davis accusing the former administration of making a bad economic situation worse by mismanaging the pandemic.



Opposition Leader Michael Pintard hit back at Prime Minister Philip Davis, asserting his party has already won the election and it is time to get off of the rally stage.


During his address at the 2022 Business Outlook, Prime Minister Philip Davis said the former administration shattered the Bahamian people’s trust and confidence. However, Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard said fatigue is inevitable and said its something he has already learned given his last few months in office.

Speaking to the Covid fight, Pintard also called the prime minister’s attack on the former administration’s handling of the global pandemic a misuse of precious time. He added that the monitoring of events and enforcement should also be beefed up and renewed the call for the opposition to be included in health briefings.

Pintard stressed the Bahamian people are now looking to the Davis administration.