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PM: Opposition Members Talking to Hear Themselves

Prime Minister Philip Davis wrapping up the 2022/2023 Budget Debate, insisting the Opposition should be the last to offer fiscal advice.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS -Prime Minister Philip Davis wrapping up the 2022/2023 Budget Debate in parliament. During his wrap up he, took swipes at the opposition, insisting they should be the last to offer fiscal advice, as he accused them of talking to hear themselves talk.

Jasmin Brown reports.

The opposition has been critical of the Davis administration’s 2022/2023 budget, insisting it fails to address cost of living concerns.

Prime Minister Davis slamming those assertions, saying the former Minnis administration’s plan for economic growth was to raise vat by 60 percent only a year after taking office.

A particularly sore point for the Prime Minister is the opposition’s repeated criticism of his administration’s decision to increase the travel budget by millions.

Earlier this week, Labour and Immigration Minister Keith Bell said more than $500,000 of taxpayer funds was spent on pricey furniture used to furnish an ambassador’s residence in Europe.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Henfield has since called on authorities should look into the matter.

The PM says when it comes to the opposition’s critiques, their arguments are far from coherent.