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Police Officer Details Her Abusive Relationship

A police officer is opening up on the abuse she endured in a relationship, encouraging other women to leave toxic relationships.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A police officer is opening up on the abuse she endured during a relationship, in the hopes of encouraging other women to leave toxic relationships.

Jared Higgs has more.

Woman inspector Shenique Ford says police aren’t exempt from abusive relationships. She was the victim of abuse herself.

Describing the relationship as devastating, ford says she couldn’t have a cell phone and was cut off from the world with no social life. Some days she would respond to domestic disputes similar to what she was going through. She has many stories of abuse and humiliation including this one after getting her hair done one day.

That wasn’t the worst of the abuse. Ford says she wanted to get closer to God and told her abusive boyfriend she was going to church. With a bottle of perfume lying around in her car, she picked him up and told him where she was going.

After going to the clinic with Ford, the man denied knowing what happened. Ultimately, she decided not to press charges due to the embarrassment. However, that was a major sign that she couldn’t continue in the relationship. Another clear sign was investigating a murder where a man shot and killed his child’s mother.

Ford told her story on the weekly show “Cop Talk” hosted by the Royal Bahamas Police Force. The topic during the month of February is toxic relationships. The woman inspector has long exited that relationship and is still dating. Her advice for other young women in abusive relationships is to know that they aren’t to blame for the abuse they are enduring.