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Sands Marks 50th Independence With Bottle Cap Promotion

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Sands Beer commemorates The Bahamas’ 50th Independence with a new promotion.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – It’s been more than a decade since Bahamian Brewery & Beverage (BBB) Company launched it’s Truly Bahamian beer brand; since then, Sands, Sands Light, and several other BBB products have become an integral part of Bahamian celebrations.

From lively regattas and joyful homecomings to vibrant fairs and festivals, these iconic beverages have become trusted companions in creating cherished memories across our archipelago.

Now, as The Bahamas approaches its Independence Jubilee, Sands Beer is commemorating this historic milestone with a new promotion celebrating the patriotism in all of us. During the months of June, July, and August, beer enthusiasts will be given a chance to win free sands products while paying homage to the remarkable journey toward 50 years of national

“Our new Pop & Redeem promotion is all about highlighting our Jubilee anniversary of Independence, and therefore in honour of this moment in history we created a limited edition bottlecap to showcase our patriotism for country and people,” noted BBB Senior Brand Manager Joel Smith. “We also wanted to give our loyal consumers an opportunity to join us in the celebration.”

The new limited-edition series of bottle caps features the iconic Bahamian Brewery’s ‘man in the boat’ logo with text marking 50 years of Independence. “The new bottle cap design not only celebrates the remarkable journey of The Bahamas but also highlights Sands Beer’s commitment to Bahamian people,” explained BBB Marketing Assistant Blas

To participate, beer enthusiasts must collect six Independence bottle caps for a chance to redeem one free Sands, Sands Light, Sands Pink Radler, or Sands Passion Radler from any Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits location around the country or from specific JWS Partners. For more information, interested persons are encouraged to visit the company’s website at or on Facebook at

“We have always been committed to supporting and celebrating the nation’s history and culture,” Smith added. “As the Truly Bahamian beer brand, we are proud to be an emblem of the Bahamian way of life and a symbol of national pride.”