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Social Workers Across the Country Unite

Social workers across the country are forming The Bahamas Social Workers Association to highlight the importance of social work.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Social workers across the country are coming together to form The Bahamas Social Workers Association.

Assistant Director in the Department of Social Services, Paula Marshall, issued a call to all social workers to join the association as they seek to spread awareness about the importance of social work.

Professor at the University of the Bahamas, Dr. Andy Laing, says the profession has been plagued with a myriad of issues for many years. 

In recent times, cases of domestic violence have captured the media spotlight.

As a national debate continues on the issue of gender-based violence and marital rape, Dr. Laing says addressing the issue is a top priority for the association.  

A subcommitte will also be formed, to address matters in the school system, and he says the association plans to explore options such as foster care and adoption.