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Sustainability First: The Dark Side of Fireworks

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – We’re sure to see a lot of them this holiday weekend, but you may be surprised to hear fireworks have an environmental dark side.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – We all love fireworks, and we’re sure to see a lot of them this holiday weekend as we gear up for our Golden Jubilee celebrations. But you may be surprised to hear fireworks have an environmental dark side.

It’s independence season, and of course, this celebration isn’t like any other year. For our Golden Jubilee, we’ve pulled out all the stops, and it’s safe to say the fireworks on July 10th will be spectacular.

But as bright and beautiful as they are, fireworks also have a dark side. They release a laundry list of contaminants into the air, that can negatively affect air quality and efforts to combat climate change, including sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

They can also add to micro-plastic pollution in the water, which can then be consumed by marine life.

When it comes to human health, a chemical compound often added to fireworks called perchlorate is a chemical that can affect the thyroid gland.

While it may not pose an issue as the fireworks go off, once the dust settles it can contaminate soil and groundwater, staying in the environment for extended periods.

So, what’s the alternative?

In some countries, they’re taking fireworks to the future, opting for lazer or drone displays as opposed to traditional fireworks.

Many marveled at the opening of the 2020 Tokyo olympics, and more recently the coronation of King Charles the third included a drone display for his coronation concert. These alternatives not only offer a cleaner alternative, but also offer more creative license, and would present opportunities to have things like an illuminated blue marlin light up our night’s sky.

So, enjoy the fireworks and all of the celebrations coming our way this Golden Jubilee, but remember, for us to enjoy the 100th celebrations, 50 years from now, be mindful of what you leave behind.