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Symonette Hits Back on Town Center Mall Lease

The Former St. Annes MP hits out at the Transport & Housing Minister whom he says left out details on government’s lease of Town Center Mall.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Former St. Annes Member of Parliament Brent Symonette is hitting back at the Transport and Housing Minister whom he claims left out details surrounding government’s lease for the Town Centre Mall. He said it costs the government nothing to move into the space.

Berthony McDermott reports.

Former Cabinet Minister Brent Symonette blasting Transport and Housing Minister Jobeth Coleby-Davis, asserting she failed to give the full story about the Town Centre Mall Lease which houses the General Post Office.

Coleby-Davis recently tabled the lease which revealed that government is spending $820,000 annually for the space, owned by Symonette and his brother.

The resolution to allow the government to enter into a lease agreement with the landlords of the mall to house the post office was passed in 2018.

That decision was steeped in controversy. The opposition and at least one FNM MP felt it was a conflict of interest as Symonette was still a cabinet minister at the time.

Coleby-Davis told parliament the government paid $500,000 to upgrade and improve the property.

Symonette said that isn’t the full truth

The former St. Annes MP also insisted that the rental fee of $1 per square foot is a drop in the bucket compared to other spaces.

When compared to the plan left by the former Christie Administration, Symonette suggested that this was more beneficial for the government.

Symonette said doesn’t feel the details of the lease is the cause of the frenzy surrounding the post office.