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The Brave Eleven

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – British Legion Chairman Adina Munroe-Charlow says the focus of this year’s remembrance is on The Bahamas’ female platoon, known as The Brave 11.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – When Our News spoke to British Legion Chairman Adina Munroe-Charlow, she told us the focus of this year’s remembrance and poppy season would be on The Bahamas’ female platoon, known as The Brave 11.

Marlena Leonard sat down with the daughters of, Ruthclarke-Goodrich, one of The Brave 11 who wrote a book about her platoon’s experience.

Ruth Clarke-Goodrich’s life is the story of a teacher turned trailblazer. She’s one of eleven Bahamian women who joined the auxiliary territorial service during World War II and shipped off to Jamaica to serve.

Her daughters Janice Major and Barbara Cheong sat down with Our News to tell their mother’s story.

Later in life, Clarke-Goodrich decided to write a book on their experiences, where she paints a detailed picture of life in the Caribbean in World War II, as well as the rigid military training and aspects of their service.

Her daughters say the women’s bonds remained strong years after they returned home.

The book was presented to the British High Commissioner this week, and the sisters hope it can be incorporated into Bahamian education, saying there’s much to learn from its pages.

The Brave Eleven is available for purchase at major’s store, floral fantasia, on mount royal avenue.