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The Haircuts In Curacao at CARIFTA

CURACAO – A few swimmers had interesting haircuts in Curacao; it’s an initiation ritual for swimmers competing in the CARIFTA Games for the first time.





CURACAO – If you were watching our sports coverage from Curacao, you may have noticed a few swimmers with interesting haircuts. 

After asking around, and by that I meant asking my friend CARIFTA Assistant Coach Mancer Roberts, I found out that it was an initiation ritual for swimmers competing in their first games.

Three-time Olympian Allan Murray, whose son Alexander got his haircut in these CARIFTA games talks about his initiation

Murray was proud that his son Alexander got to take part in the tradition.

Parents don’t need to worry, the haircuts are fully optional and they’re done with the consent of parents and under the full supervision of chaperones and coaches. 

At the end of the day, the swimmers love participating in such a longstanding tradition, isn’t that what really matters? 

Mingoes Perform Well At Miami Invitational

The UB Mingoes turned in a great performance at the University of Miami invitational this weekend.

Middle distance runner Lhevinne Joseph turned in the best performance for the Mingoes at the meet in Coral Gables Florida, finishing 5th overall in the men’s 800-meter event in 1:53.68. 

He also placed second in his heat of timed finals.

The team had solid finishes in the open men’s 400 and UB led the men’s 4x400m for a leg before finishing fourth with a time of 3:20.41… 

Head Coach Ednal Rolle is thrilled about his team’s performance.