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Today In History: September 14

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Jackson Logan Burnside III, Hurricane Floyd and a dramatic return from summer break. See what events took place on this day in history.





NASSAU, BAHAMAS – On this day in Bahamian history, in 1949, Jackson Logan Burnside III was born in Nassau.

Burnside was an artist, architect, Junkanooer, teacher, and musician. He was a member of the Saxons Superstars before helping to find the One Family Junkanoo Group in 1993. 

He also founded Doongalik Studios Art Gallery. 

Burnside died on May 11th, 2011. He was sixty-two years old.

In 1999, Hurricane Floyd impacted the Central and Northwest Bahamas as a Category 4 hurricane.

Floyd affected mainly the islands of Abaco, Eleuthera, Cat Island, and San Salvador.

On Eleuthera, the glass window bridge was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. One death was recorded on the island of Grand Bahama after a person drowned in Freeport.

In 2020, New Providence saw 24 times the amount of Covid-19 cases in a second wave of the virus than it did in the first. 

According to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pearl Mcmillan, of the 2974 confirmed cases, 130 were children and adolescents while nearly half of positive cases were people between ages 20 and 39.

Finally in 2022, there was a dramatic return from summer break for the House of Assembly as crowds demonstrated a number of issues outside parliament.