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Vendor Takes Conch Dishes to the World

Conch is a favorite dish of Bahamians, and one we love to share with the world. Now a South Floridian is making a living off of the delicacy.



MIAMI, FLORIDA – Conch is an undisputed favorite dish for Bahamians, and one we love to share with the world.

In this report Jerome Sawyer introduces us to a South Floridian with Bahamian roots who is making a living off her affinity with conch.

Angela Wiley’s grandparents were Eutherans who migrated to Florida.
As a girl in Jensen Beach, she remembers conch as a community staple.

She learned how to make fine conch cuisine from her mother.
Which eventually led to a her starting Alfretta’s Conch Shack – named after her mother.

Her famous conch dishes are featured at us seafood festivals and events.
She says her patrons are eager to share their bahamian experience… The moment they notice conch on the menu.

And next for her is the famed Jazz In The Gardens Festival in Miami gardens this weekend where she expects Alfretta’s Conch Shack to be a favourite with festival goers.

Her conches come through a distributor imported from other Caribbean islands.. but she admits the Bahamian conch is still the best out there, because of it’s refined texture.