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Woman Gets Life-Changing Fibroid Surgery



A woman diagnosed with fibroids and severe anaemia is celebrating modern medicine, and the relief of “normal” monthly cycles, after she says doctors “saved her life.”

Tamisha Knowles says she was suffering from heavy, unrelenting periods since 2017, when doctors discovered three fibroids in her uterus. The benign tumors were small at the time, so Knowles chose a holistic treatment plan to manage them, rather than surgery, or a possible hysterectomy.

By 2020, her fibroids had grown and she needed to take action. That’s when she met Dr. Mikhail Higgins, an interventional radiologist at Family Medicine Center.

Dr. Higgins specializes in the endovascular management of uterine fibroids.

Knowles had the procedure done in November 2021. Now, she says the difference is unbelievable. “Everything is normal,” she exclaims, still unable relishing the how drastically her life has changed since the surgery.

Knowles says this procedure saved her life. She used to compare herself to the lady with the issue of blood in the Bible. Now, she feels as though the Lord used Dr. Higgins so she no longer had to suffer in silence.