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Woman Hit by Car in Domestic Dispute Speaks

A mother of three who was run over by a vehicle during a domestic dispute caught on camera in November is speaking out.






NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A mother of three who was run over by a vehicle during a domestic dispute caught on camera in November is speaking out. Weeks after she was released from the hospital, Paetra Curry needs your help paying for crucial but expensive spinal surgery.

She sat down with Vaughnique Toote during the first part of her series, “When Love Hurts”.

This viral video capturing the moment Paetra Curry was hit by a car while holding her baby on Key West Street last November is hard to forget. However, it’s an incident the 33-year-old doesn’t remember.

Curry was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve. Six weeks earlier, police say shortly after a domestic dispute between the young woman and a man, the driver of a vehicle came through Key West Street and ran her over before he hit another vehicle. According to police, he attempted to leave the scene but was stopped by residents.

When Curry came to in the hospital, she says she had no idea who she was, where she was, or what had happened to her.

The vehicle in question crashed into this truck owned by Curry’s brother then flipped over. However, her brother was more concerned about her baby daughter whom he rushed to pick up from the street.

The past three months haven’t been easy for the young entrepreneur, and her road to recovery is far from over.

Her pain is evident as curry attempts to walk. She also wears a brace around her mid-section. Doctors have informed her she will need surgery on her spine as soon as possible.

But the problem is she can’t afford it.

The mother of two girls and one boy supported herself and her children by selling children’s clothing but she is in no condition to work, impacting her business. Family members also fear that without financial help, Curry’s oldest daughter – who has been described as very gifted – may not be able to remain in private school.

Curry has been warned that without the crucial procedure, her spine could get worse and she may become paralyzed.

Police have described the matter as a domestic incident. It came amid heightened national concern over domestic violence. It is something she wants to educate her nine-year-old son and two daughters, ages six and one about.