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Woman Speaks Out After Vicious Dog Attack

A woman is speaking out after she was allegedly attacked by pit bulls in her own neighborhood. Graphic images.



A woman is speaking out after she was allegedly attacked by pit bulls. Jared Higgs tells us more, and be warned some of the images you are about to see are extremely graphic.


Fifty-one-year-old Alicia Barton thought her battle with breast cancer would be the toughest fight of her life.

Barton, an administrative assistant, had just arrived home on Friday when four dogs. At least two pit bulls attacked her in her own yard.

The 51-year-old says the ordeal felt like it lasted 10 minutes. One of the dogs bit Barton about the head, with graphic images showing a chunk of the back of her head bitten off. Her arms and legs covered in bites – wounds that doctors say don’t heal as quickly.

The horrific scene left barton hospitalized and requiring surgery. We interviewed her at another family member’s home now that she’s too afraid to return to her own home. Before our interview began, a group of dogs started barking outside reminding a visibly shaken Barton of the ordeal she just endured.

Police Press Liaison Supt. Audley Peters confirmed police are investigating the incident. And, a man was arrested. Barton’s disturbed family members say they warned the neighbours many times about the dogs.

Barton wants justice to be served. She wants the pets taken out of the home and is concerned about her medical bills and the pain and suffering she must now endure. After beating breast cancer years ago she has another road to recovery ahead.