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BDB to Invest in Orange Economy

The Bahamas Development Bank is offering incentives for members of the creative community, in support of the orange economy.



Days after Prime Minister Philip Davis challenged business owners to tap into the orange economy, a local bank is offering an incentive for those in the creative community.

Bahamas Development Bank executives say now is the time to invest.





A key part of the Davis administration’s mandate is to develop the colorful economies.

The Orange Economy is one of them and Chairman of the Bahamas Development Bank Quinton Lightbourne says the bank believes it’s full of opportunities.

The $70,000 technology micro-grant program will equip videographers, musicians, photographers, and other artists with technology to improve the quality of their productions.

Unit Head of BDB’s Strategic Development and Initiative Sumayyah Cargill says the grants are aimed at persons who have demonstrated talent and experience in the creative field.

The BDB chairman says this initiative is one of several that will be rolled out to boost the colorful economies.