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30% Hospitalized Presented with Symptoms

An infectious disease specialist is continuing to provide insight on COVID-19 hospitalizations amid the fourth wave of cases.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – With reported COVID-19 hospitalizations remaining high, an infectious disease specialist is continuing to provide insight into what those numbers mean.

While high numbers of patients are testing positive for the virus and thus creating a challenging environment for the hospital staff, she highlights that illness from omicron is less severe and the majority of patients presented at hospital for another medical issue.


Director of the National HIV/AIDS Infectious Disease program Dr. Nikkiah Forbes providing more insight into the current wave of hospitalizations due to omicron.

Of the 79 people reported hospitalized at Princess Margaret Hospital, only about 25 presented with COVID symptoms. The remaining patients came to hospital for other medical issues, and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be isolated.

Dr. Forbes’ comments come as reported case numbers appear to be declining.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness reported seven deaths on January 19th. Those deaths all occurred between January 4th and 12th.

The youngest person reported to have died in these recent numbers is a 37-year-old man from Bimini who died on January 8th.

The oldest was an 84-year-old man from New Providence who died on January 4th.

Dr. Forbes says none of those deaths were at PMH.