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BFA Hosts Anti-Doping Conference

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Over 100 People Attended As the Association Promoted Clean and Fair Athletics



Dr. Patti Symonette, the official doctor for the BFA, engaging young athletes and their parents with essential insights on nutrition and performance at the National Program/Centre of Excellence antidoping event.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – At the Andre Rodgers baseball stadium, the Bahamas Football Association held an Antidoping conference on Monday for the National Program and Center of Excellence, 19th Februrary. 

Over 100 people, including athletes, coaches, and BFA officials, attended the event, which aimed to promote a clean sport while educating young athletes and their coaches and parents on the importance of anti-doping and how it benefits the sport of football/soccer. 

Presenters included the BFA’s doctor Dr. Patti Symonnete, who talked to the attendees on health and nutrition and Peetra Haven of the Bahamas Anti Doping Commission, who gave a presentation on the anti-doping process, outlining to the attendees how the selection and testing process works. Speaking about her presentation, she said, “Tonight’s presentation underscores our collective responsibility to uphold the principles of fair play and health in sports. By educating our young athletes and their support systems, we’re building a foundation for a clean and prosperous sporting future in The Bahamas”

Also in attendance at the conference was  Frederick Lunn, General Secretary; Carl Lynch, Deputy General Secretary; Bruce Swan, Technical Director; Adam Miller, Sports Officer from the Ministry of Sports. 

The athletes, coaches and parents left the conference with a better understanding of the anti-doping process and why it is important to the sport.

Photo 1: A captivated audience of players, coaches, and family members, all eager learners during the National Program/Centre of Excellence’s important antidoping presentation.

Photo 2: Ms. Petra Haven from the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission leads an illuminating session on clean sport, enlightening the future stars of Bahamian football on the critical aspects of antidoping. 

Photo 3: The leaders shaping the future of Bahamian football: Technical Director Bruce Swan, with Centre of Excellence coaches Ricqea Bain, Lesly St. Fleur, and Romario West (Avery Kemp not pictured), united in their mission to cultivate talent and integrity in the sport.