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Businessman Proposes COVID-19 Sniffing Dogs

A local businessman is proposing a new method of COVID testing for the Bahamas. This test doesn’t involve a swab but rather a dog.



NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A local businessman is proposing a new method of COVID testing for The Bahamas. The test doesn’t involve a swab, but rather a dog.

Kyle Walkine has the story.

They’re man’s best friend but now our four-legged pals are being trained to help in the fight against COVID-19.

With some airports across the world now using COVID-19 sniffing dogs, that can alert you when someone is COVID-positive, a local detection service company is pushing to make it a practice in The Bahamas.

Dog World K9 has been in the business since 2015, specializing in narcotics, explosives, gun and ammunition detection. With bio-detection now present in dogs, they can basically sniff things like cancer and diabetes. These dogs now have the ability to sniff out COVID-19.

Our News got gloved up, and placed a COVID-19 positive sample in a jar.
We then placed it in one of four pipes at the end of a little course and brought out Oscar, the German Shepherd.

Sure enough, that was the tube with the COVID sample. So we shuffled it around and gave it another go, with Kyle holding the leash this time.
The COVID-19 sniffing dogs are said to be 99 percent accurate.
Forbes says he’s submitted proposals to four government ministries on utilizing the COVID-sniffing dogs, but has not gotten a response as yet.